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Base Web Services & Solutions:

Since January 2004, the majority of our domain name registration and web-based services have been facilitated in part through GoDaddy.com via our eCentral Services web portal at eCentralServices.com.  There you will find the "essential services" necessary to start, maintain and grow your business on the Internet in a time-tested and proven web hosting environment.  The volume of business we provide allows us to offer our clients some of the most competitive rates available on the majority of the web services offered there - in most cases, even less than GoDaddy.com offers.eCentralServices.com - powered by TechWeb Solutions, Inc.

Examples (pricing as of 08/11/2009):

Domain Name Registrations (annually)
.COM - GD @ $10.69 vs. eCS @ $8.99 = $1.70 Less
.NET - GD @ $8.99 vs. eCS @ $7.49 = $1.50 Less
.ORG - GD @ $14.99 vs. eCS @ $8.99 = $6.00 Less

Economy Web Hosting
Monthly - GD @ $4.99 vs. eCS @ $4.49 = $0.50 Less
Yearly - GD @ $56.88 vs. eCS @ $48.60 = $8.28 Less
2 Years - GD @ $107.76 vs. eCS @ $91.68 = $16.08 Less
3 Years - GD @ $152.64 vs. eCS @ $129.60 = $23.04 Less


Email Marketing Services & Solutions:

For the past several years, GETREAL MEDIA has been using and recommending one of the best email marketing solutions available today.  iContact is a leading on-demand email marketing solution that is extremely powerful, flexible, dependable and economical.  iContact allows organizations of all sizes to easily create, send, and track email newsletters, RSS feeds, blogs, surveys, and autoresponders.

iContact Email Marketing Solutions

Here are some examples of email newsletters and email templates we developed for our clients' email marketing campaigns: example 1 | example 2 | example 3 | example 4

With iContact's extensive features, you can easily create email messages, send them to your subscribers, and track their performance.  When you apply Autoresponders to your email marketing campaign, you can stay in the forefront of your customer's mind with automatic messages based on timed sequences or customer actions.  Surveying provides you a platform to collect data from your customers and provides you with the real-time results of your data.  RSS Feeds are the latest direct online communication tool.  Your customers will immediately receive your most recent messages when they sign up for your RSS feed.

...after all, Your Success is Our Success!

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